Yuki Reiss, Kaua‘i Seabird HCP Coordinator

Yuki has been working as a biologist and in conservation planning for 20 years. She completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Oregon in 1994, and a master’s degree in fisheries population genetics from Central Washington University in 2003. Yuki worked for the U.S. Forest Service for 10 years, and prior to moving to Hawaii in 2012, she worked for a non-profit salmon recovery program in WA State. Through managing the KSHCP, Yuki is learning of the many parallels between salmon and seabirds, in terms of life history, the importance of protecting nesting habitat for animals that spend most their time at sea, and how complicated understanding threats to these species can be!

Contact Yuki: kyreiss@hawaii.edu

Paul Belson, Conservation Planning Specialist

Paul earned his master’s degree in planning from the University of Oregon where he studied land use and environmental planning.  For four years he worked in Western Samoa as a Peace Corps Volunteer as a community and environmental planner.  He has also worked in local government planning on land use, urban design, and resource conservation issues.   Paul brings to the KSHCP a focus on consensus building and experience in community and environmental planning.

Contact Paul: paul.belson@hawaii.gov

Jessi Hallman Behnke, Conservation Planning Associate

Jessi joined the Program in February 2015 and has been working in seabird conservation on Kaua‘i since 2007. Jessi received her bachelor's degree in wildlife biology from Humboldt State University and her master’s degree in seabird toxicology from Southern Illinois University. Early on, Jessi worked for the Kaua‘i Endangered Seabird Recovery Project for several years to survey for and assist in the conservation of Newell’s shearwaters. Prior to joining our team, she worked as a seabird ecologist with Pacific Rim Conservation on the Nihoku Ecosystem Restoration Project at Kīlauea Point National Wildlife Refuge, where the first predator-proof fence on Kaua‘i was installed to serve as a translocation site for Hawaiian petrels and Newell’s shearwaters. Jessi hopes to continue working within the community toward a brighter future for both Kaua‘i’s people and for its seabirds, without which an important piece of Hawai‘i would be lost.

Contact Jessi: jbehnke@hawaii.edu

4272B Rice St.​ 

Lihue HI 96766

Telephone: (808) 245-9160




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